Low-Income Multifamily Energy Loan


The Low-Income Multifamily Energy (LIME) Loan supports energy improvement projects for low- and moderate-income properties. Connecticut Green Bank has partnered with Capital For Change (C4C) to provide unsecured multifamily energy financing for owners seeking to improve the energy performance, economics, and health and safety of their properties. Loans are repaid from energy cost savings for terms up to 20 years.

Program benefits

  • Save money on energy and operating costs
  • Increase the value of your property by upgrading to efficient, high-performance equipment
  • Improve occupancy rates by reducing tenant utility costs
  • Improve tenant comfort and safety
  • Partnerships, trusts, LLCs, sole proprietors, public housing authorities, non-profits, condo/co-op associations, etc.
  • Project sponsors who would, in turn, make a loan to an LLC or Partnership
  • Must have 5 or more units; and
  • At least 60% of units must be designated affordable to households at no greater than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI)
    • Energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements as provided in a lender-approved scope of work
    • Up to 25% of loan proceeds may be used for non-energy efficiency improvements (structural, health/safety, etc.), provided there are sufficient savings to carry those costs
    Type Affordable multifamily, unsecured
    Rate 6.00% – 6.99%
    Loan term 5 – 20 years
    Origination fee 2.00%
    Underwriting Criteria 1.30x or greater project energy savings
    coverage ratio; 1.10x or greater energy
    savings ratio for solar-only projects


    Financing is unsecured provided the minimum “Energy Savings Coverage Ratio” (ESCR) has been met (projected annual energy savings divided by debt service). Evidence of cash flows sufficient to make interest payments on loan must be provided by borrower. 

    All fees may be rolled into the loan.

    • $750 – $1,500 for front-end review and energy underwriting
    • $600 for verification of proper installation
    • $750 – $1,500 for legal fees
    • $5.80 per unit per year for life-of-loan energy monitoring

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    Connecticut Green Bank offers the LIME Loan in partnership with Capital For Change.