Get more credit for hosting your EV charging station!

Are you helping reduce tailpipe emissions by hosting electric vehicle (EV) charging stations? You deserve credit for that.

Connecticut Green Bank is seeking partners for a pioneering carbon offset credit transaction backed by EV charging stations.

We are leveraging our position as the nation’s first green bank to create a single transaction that aggregates others’ charging systems. In the process, we are demonstrating a new market for carbon offset credits while generating societal benefits at the same time. Your charger site could be eligible for up to 30 years of revenue from carbon offset markets, secured by the Green Bank. Participate and identify yourself as a leader in the EV movement.

How does it work?

Hosting an electric vehicle charging station helps reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The Green Bank helped develop a methodology to quantify these reductions, now accredited by Verified Carbon Standard. This can lead to creation of third-party certified carbon offset credits. By accessing difficult-to-reach voluntary carbon trading markets and aggregating portfolios of EV charging stations through this new and innovative approach, the Green Bank can help you monetize these credits and generate revenue.

EV charging stations earn carbon credits based on charging activity that occurs, and on the carbon intensity of the electricity delivered. A charging station’s performance can differ by location based on the region’s electricity profile. For example:

Washington: 8.1 Carbon Credits

New York: 6.7 Carbon Credits

Wyoming: -1.2 Carbon Credits

How much revenue could my charger produce? Who is eligible?

Please download our informational sheet on the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Offset Credits program to learn more! Or contact us by emailing [email protected] or using the form below.

To get started:

Work with the Green Bank to estimate how many carbon credits your charging station has produced (one ton of CO2 reduction equals one carbon credit). Use the below form to get started!