Does your property have electric vehicle charging equipment?

There may be a new opportunity to earn revenue from it via carbon credits for electric vehicle charging stations.

The Green Bank is exploring the viability of creating carbon credits from EV charging sessions using a new international methodology. The methodology defines how credits are generated based on the greenhouse gas emissions reductions that result from the use of EVs powered by charging stations, instead of conventional vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

  1. The first step would have the Green Bank aggregating data from CT-based electric vehicle service equipment.*
  2. Upon third-party validation, the data may be converted into actual carbon credits.
  3. The newly-minted credits could then be sold to interested private investors.
  4. At which point, a portion of the proceeds from the sale to investors may be returned to EV service equipment owners.

Interested in participating? Pre-register your equipment with us below and we will update you with details as our program advances. 

Our plan is to create a revenue stream and reward you for doing your part in the fight against climate change.

(*with permission of the owner of electric vehicle service equipment)

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EVCCC Fact Sheet

Green Bank hopes carbon credits will jumpstart electric vehicle chargers (Hartford Business Journal, 9/18/18)

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