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The Connecticut Green & Healthy Homes Project is designed to explore safer and more energy efficient housing as a platform for improved health outcomes through comprehensive, evidence based home interventions. These interventions will seek to generate substantial medical and energy cost savings through improved health outcomes related to asthma, lead poisoning, and household injury along with reductions in energy consumption. The goals of the project are to quantify the degree to which comprehensive housing interventions can cost-effectively produce healthier housing, and can result in energy and healthcare cost savings. The project looks to invest in housing interventions for low- and moderate-income families, and unlock sustainable funding from the health sector to fill the existing gap in resources for green and healthy homes across the state. 


Important Program Documents

Project Update – June 19, 2019

Connecticut Green & Healthy Homes Pre-Feasibility Analysis Report, June 2018

Program Description – October 2017

Needs Justification Statement – October 2017


Convenings and Briefings 

Pre-Feasibility Report Release Webinar and Slides – July 10, 2018 

CT-N Coverage of the June 6, 2018, legislative briefing

Working Together to Advance Connecticut’s Health, Energy & Housing Goals (Legislative Briefing) – June 6, 2018

Stakeholder Convening Newsletter – October 2017


Information for Foundations

Funders’ Roundtable Presentation – February 2018 

Overview for funders (two pager) – February 2018


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