Studies and Reports

The Green Bank hires consultants to conduct evaluations of its programs as well as other studies which address specific needs and questions of interest to the clean energy industry and the Green Bank.

Market Assessments

Studies assessing market potential tend to examine how technologies are used, and how much use they currently and could possibly receive. These reports provide guidance for programs on where they are likely to provide the most benefit.

Evaluation Reports

Evaluation studies generally address questions such as:

  1. What framework should be used to understand and measure program performance and outcomes?
  2. What metrics should be used to measure program performance?
  3. How well is a program performing and how efficiently are program funds being utilized to achieve objectives?

Residential Solar Investment Program (RSIP) Evaluation – The following RSIP evaluations provide assessments of the program at different time points and with different focus areas. The evaluation completed in March 2016 focused on RSIP cost-effectiveness from multiple stakeholder perspectives. The evaluation completed in January 2015 focused broadly on RSIP performance, participant and installer feedback, participant economics, inspection findings, and program cost-effectiveness.

Other Studies